Add your voice… 'donate a word'

Welcome to the conversation!

Veiled Voices 2020 is all about starting a conversation; collecting women’s thoughts, feelings and perceptions of Muslim veiling in the UK in order to better understand each other. Use this page to share your opinions and contribute to the collaborative Veiled Voices 2020 embroidery. Key words, phrases and sentiments will be selected from each contribution and embroidered directly onto a veil.  As the conversation develops, so will the embroidery; resulting in a visual representation of perceptions today whilst encouraging greater intercultural understanding.

There are three ways to get involved…

Donate a word – if you only have 5 minutes to give please ‘donate a word’ to the project to be embroidered onto the veil. Think about what the hijab means to you. If you wear the headscarf what does it symbolise and how does it make you feel? If you don’t wear the scarf, what do you think when you see women wearing the hijab? Any range of submissions is welcome, from a single word, a question or sentence, to a graphic symbol or design. Be creative! Submit your voice via the ‘reply’ at the bottom of this page, where you’ll also find some previous contributions and inspiration.

Add your voice – If you have more than 5 minutes and want to share a more in-depth perspective, you can add your voice to conversation online, commenting on any of the blog posts or pages.

Join the remote embroidery collective – For those who are needing to self-isolate the #VeiledVoices2020 community is reaching out to you. If you fancy trying a little embroidery yourself (you really don’t need to have expertise a straight stitch can create the most beautiful effects) join my team of remote stitchers who are embroidering their own or others word donations. I would love for you to get involved so please go to the Remote Stitching Collective for more info.

And so, my question to you is, what does the veil mean to you? How does it make you feel?


19 thoughts on “Add your voice… 'donate a word'

    1. HI Sabina, Thank you so much for adding your voice to the conversation! I wondered if you would be willing to elaborate? ‘Submission’ is a word people often consider to be negative, I wonder how ‘submitting’ and ‘following’ make you feel? Other women I have spoken with have explained how it gives them reassurance, a sense of safety, confidence, pride or freedom. I’d love to know what it means for you?


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